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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Liveblogging Continues from Iran

From niacINsight:

Liveblogging updates from Iran continue

June 16, 2009 10:21 pm When we last heard from our contact in Mashad (Iran’s second largest city), Sunday night, things sounded desperate:

“[We] are still safe, but to tell you the truth, all of us are feeling sick of what we have to see on streets these days. This afternoon, [we] saw five policemen attack a middle age lady. They beat her brutally, with no mercy. She tried to escape with her young daughter but they got her. I stopped and tried to help her, but three men in civilian clothes attacked my car, and I had to drive away because [my daughter] was with me. Tonight, people shouted “Allah o Akabar” from their roof tops, but hundreds of police forces on bikes swept the streets and marked houses from which they could hear voices. Tomorrow, I will go to a lawyer to ask for a [foreign] visa. This country will not be a safe place anymore, and I don’t want to repeat my parents’ mistake in 1979 by staying and watching.”

But we are thankful that our most recent update indicates that violence has abated somewhat:

God saves us from violence until now, and I trust him to keep us far from their dirty hands. Mashad was calm tonight and only “Allah o Akbar” was heard from roof tops. They attacked Ferdowsi university last night but the security of university kept them out. Today all the exams have been canceled by students and TEACHERS. When university manager (A.N. hard supporter) ordered students to go back to the exam room, teachers left the building and told him that only they have the authority to decide about the exam date and they decide not to take it. So brave. He didn’t mention if they applied for the foreign visa or if they’ve decided to stay through the turmoil


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