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Saturday, June 27, 2009

California Turns Against Grass (No, Not THAT Kind)

Cut the grass will you?...Are you done edging?....Time to water the grass...Grass is too long!...Feed the grass...Grass is too high. Suburban US teens of an earlier generation will remember hearing these very expressions, having grown up with acres of the Kentucky blue. Now it's pretty much the landscaping service that gets an earfull.

Things are changing, though, in places where water is increasingly scarce and costly. Californians, in fact, have good incentives to rip it up. Los Angeles Times reports on this with their story: The Dry Garden: L.A. offers rebate for ripping out your lawn.

link: "Go Dry" Movement Spreads, As Californians Rip Up Their Grass Lawns : TreeHugger


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