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Sunday, June 28, 2009

95% of Salon Readers Want Goats; What Does That Tell You?

Ditching it all to move to the country and raise goats is probably the fantasy of about 95 percent of Salon readers. How were you able to make it work and overcome the seeming obstacles that life throws up in front of us?

We had a rent-controlled apartment in the East Village, but we were away from it whenever we could be. Both of us taught at universities part-time, so we had summers and long weekends at this cabin in West Virginia where we learned to grow our vegetables and generally live rurally. So moving to Vermont felt like moving to the suburbs compared to Appalachia; it's only a four-hour drive from New York. The goats were the final imprimatur. They were also the excuse for never having to go back to New York again because we had to watch the animals. The truth is if we didn't have other income from teaching and writing it'd be very hard to do this, certainly in the way we do it, which is seasonally and small-scale. It's not a weekend thing. That said, there are people we know up here we were inspired by who have a day job and as many goats as we do and make cheese.

link: Living the dream, with goats | Salon Life


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